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Regional Transportation Technical Advisory Committee (RTTAC)

Staff support to the SEFTC is provided by the respective MPOs on a rotational basis. SEFTC’S Regional Transportation Technical Advisory Committee (RTTAC) is a staff-level working group tasked to address many of the issues brought before the SEFTC. The RTTAC is composed of staff from the three MPOs, Florida Department of Transportation Districts 4 and 6, Florida Turnpike Enterprise, Miami-Dade Expressway Authority, Miami-Dade Transit, Broward County Transit, Tri-Rail, Palm Tran, the South Florida Regional Planning Council and the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council. This group evaluates, discusses, and ultimately recommends technical actions to the elected officials appointed to the SEFTC.

  • Boucle, Aileen – Miami-Dade Metropolitan Planning Organization, Chair
  • Braun, Steve – Florida Department of Transportation District Four
  • Bush, Lois – Florida Department of Transportation District Four
  • Cejas, Monica – Miami-Dade Transit
  • Colmenares, Lisa – Florida Department of Transportation District Six
  • Corsio-Carballo, Isabel – South Florida Regional Planning Council
  • Cross, Renee – Palm Beach Metropolitan Planning Organization
  • Cross, William –  South Florida Regional Transportation Authority
  • DeLaney, Kim –  Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council
  • Diaz, Mayra –  Miami-Dade Expressway Authority
  • Fernandez, Wilson – Miami-Dade Metropolitan Planning Organization
  • Roberson, Jonathan –  Broward County Transit
  • Roa, Carlos –  Miami-Dade Metropolitan Planning Organization
  • Stuart, Gregory – Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization
  • Flavien, Paul – Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization
  • Stubbs, Fred – Palm Tran
  • Uhren, Nick –  Palm Beach Metropolitan Planning Organization
  • Velasquez, Andrew – Florida Turnpike Enterprise

Regional Transportation Technical Advisory Committee (RTTAC) Modeling Subcommittee

The SEFTC is also supported by a staff-level working group that focuses on travel demand modeling. This group is referred to as the Regional Transportation Technical Advisory (RTTAC) Modeling Subcommittee and consists of modeling experts from various agencies throughout the region. As implied by their title, this group collectively determines guidelines, policies, and technical applications for travel demand modeling activities in the Southeast Florida region.

  • Fernandez, Wilson – Miami-Dade MPO
  • Flavien, Paul –  Broward MPO, Vice Chair
  • Lambert, Luke – Palm Beach MPO
  • Li, Shi-Chiang – FDOT District Four
  • Lyn, Neil – FDOT District Six, Chair
  • Mei, Fang –  FDOT District Six
  • Sanders, Buffy – Broward MPO
  • Zhao, HuiFDOT District Four

RTTAC Public Participation Subcommittee

The third SEFTC-supporting staff-level working group is the Regional Public Participation Subcommittee which is filled by the Public Information Officer from Broward MPO, Miami-Dade MPO, Palm Beach MPO and the Florida Department of Transportation Districts Four and Six. Their focus is on regional-level public involvement activities in Southeast Florida.

  • Booth, Malissa – Palm Beach MPO
  • Padron, Gaspar Jorge – FDOT District Four
  • Rockwell, Elizabeth – Miami-Dade MPO, Chair
  • Ryan, Christopher – Broward MPO, Vice Chair
  • Thomas, CurleneFDOT District Six

RTTAC Transportation System Management & Operations Subcommittee

The RTTAC Transportation System Management & Operations (TSM&O) Subcommittee coordinates TSM&O projects so that they are better integrated within the region’s planning process/documents and promotes program resources to support these projects. The group meets on an as-needed basis and members include representatives from Miami-Dade Expressway Authority, Florida Turnpike Enterprise, the MPOs, transit agencies, County Traffic Engineering Divisions, and FDOT.

  •  Ackert, Melissa – FDOT District Four
  • Aira, Frank – Miami-Dade Public Works and Waste Management
  • Anderson, Steve – Palm Tran
  • Astaiza, Jessica Vargas – South Florida Regional Transportation Authority
  • Braun, Steve – FDOT District Four
  • Brunner, Scott – Broward County Traffic Engineering Division
  • Cejas, Monica – Miami-Dade Transit
  • Colmenares, Lisa – FDOT District Six
  • Contreras, Seth – Palm Beach MPO
  • Diaz, Mayra – Miami-Dade Expressway Authority
  • Easterling, John – Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise
  • Ene, Roxana – Broward MPO
  • Jeedigunta, Giri, P.E., PTOE – Palm Beach County Engineering & Public Works Department, Chair
  • Lambert, Luke – Palm Beach MPO
  • Lyn, Neil –  FDOT District Six
  • Pustizzi, Natalie Yesbeck – South Florida Regional Transportation Authority
  • Roberson, Jonathan – Broward County Transit
  • Sanders, Buffy – Broward MPO
  • Steinmiller, Phil – Miami-Dade MPO

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