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The Plan

What is the 2040 Southeast Florida Regional Transportation Plan (RTP)?
The RTP identifies the most significant transportation investments needed to meet growing travel demands throughout the Southeast Florida region (Broward, Miami-Dade, Palm Beach Counties). The horizon year of 2040 is chosen to provide time for agencies to assemble funds and complete the technical work required to design and construct the selected improvements. Important elements of the RTP include:

  • ESTIMATES OF GROWTH OVER THE NEXT 25 YEARS: How many more residents and jobs will come to South Florida by 2040?
  • GOALS FOR ACCOMMODATING THIS GROWTH: How we want to grow has a great influence on where we should be investing our precious transportation dollars.
  • REGIONAL MULTI-MODAL OPTIONS: Creating a vision for a seamless regional transit system, while also identifying ways to improve the safety and access of the bicycle and pedestrian system.
  • PUBLIC ENGAGEMENT: A Plan that engages the public and identifies what is most important to residents from a regional standpoint.
  • REGIONALLY SIGNIFICANT INVESTMENTS: Prioritizing projects that best meet the goals for the plan.
  • FUNDING TO IMPLEMENT THE PLAN: A financial plan that lays out funding sources and mechanisms to implement RTP strategies.
  • A COMPLETE REGIONAL PICTURE: A Plan that matches investments to where we are growing.

Why is the RTP important?

We are the fourth largest urbanized area in the US. To compete in the national and global marketplace, we need an efficient and effective transportation system. To provide desirable communities and cities, we must provide options for how we travel to work and school, to meet daily needs, and for recreation. No matter where we are in the region and where we are going, we need a transportation system that is safe to travel.


What does REGIONAL mean and how does it differ from my MPO’s 2040 Plan?
To help describe REGIONAL – think of I-95, Turnpike, Tri-Rail, SR-7/US 441, Dolphin Expressway, and I-595. These facilities carry a majority of travelers and they traverse the region. Also, REGIONAL relates to major intermodal hubs such as the Tri-Rail Stations, the Miami Intermodal Center, and our airports and seaports. For a listing of all the regional facilities, please visit

Your MPO’s 2040 Plan includes these major regional facilities, but has a focus on helping residents, businesses, and tourists meet their travel needs while traveling within the county. In a nutshell, the 2040 RTP is the key tool linking transportation plans between the Broward (Commitment 2040), and the Miami-Dade (Mobility Options 2040), and Palm Beach (Directions 2040) MPOs.


Fact Sheets

Project Fact Sheet - English

Hojas de Datos


2040 RTP Report

2040 Regional Transportation Plan Report - CLICK HERE


Supporting Technical Memoranda

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