The Broward and Palm Beach Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) are undertaking mobility studies analyzing the State Road 7 corridor from approximately Sample Road in Broward County to Glades Road in Palm Beach County, east of Florida’s Turnpike to the edge of the urban area. The Coordinating Committee is a joint steering committee overseeing these studies and consists of representatives of the two MPOs, counties, transit agencies, the Florida Department of Transportation, and the consultants assisting in the effort. This website is designed as a common location for providing materials and information associated with the studies underway.

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The Florida Department of Transportation, in coordination with the Palm Beach and Broward MPOs, the South Florida and Treasure Coast Regional Planning Councils, and local municipalities, conducted a Network Needs Assessment that considered 17 test scenarios to provide mobility in Western Broward and Palm Beach Counties. This work was associated with the annexation of the “Wedge” parcel into Broward County and the removal of the University Drive extension from the Palm Beach County thoroughfare plan. The results indicated that without the extension of University Drive into Palm Beach County, the State Road 7 corridor would require at least two additional travel lanes. The Western Broward and Palm Beach County Mobility Study Oversight/Policy Committee recommended three scenarios for future roadway sections of State Road 7 between the Sawgrass Expressway and Glades Road. Subsequently, the two MPOs adopted a “6 plus 2” approach with six general purposes travel lanes and two lanes dedicated for transit service within the existing roadway right-of-way.

The objective of the studies now underway is to develop a common vision for the State Road 7 corridor in Broward and Palm Beach Counties. The studies are evaluating transit supportive development patterns and transportation strategies and will include detailed analyses of land uses, development regulations, multimodal transportation infrastructure, and community visioning. The results of the studies will be incorporated in transportation plans, local government comprehensive plans and land development regulations.